10+ Things You Definitely Wanna Do At Disney If You Some Cash To Burn

Ready to enjoy the life of luxury?

Well, we certainly have a treat for you! While going to Disney World is quite expensive already and the ticket prices are nothing to cough at. However, you can enjoy many special activities if you have some extra cash to burn.

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So If you are not on a budget and want to make some long lasting memories, these are the activities at Disney World that you’ll definitely love!

#1 Having tea with Princess Aurora. ($235 per an adult and a kid)

Having tea with Princess Aurora
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#2 Dinner in Victoria & Albert’s Chef Table. ($250 per person)

Dinner in Victoria
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#3 Backstage tours. ($300 per person)

Backstage tours
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#4 Four course meal with an actual Imagineer at The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant
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#5 Dine with an animal specialist at Sanaa in Animal Kingdom.

Dine with an animal specialist
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#6 Rent a room at a deluxe resort.

Rent a room at a deluxe resort
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#7 Swimming with the dolphins. ($200 per person)

Swimming with the dolphins
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#8 Feel like a true princess at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. ($200 per child)

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
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#9 Get an add-on desert party for any special event. 

desert party for any special event
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#10 Have a magical wedding at Disney World.

a magical wedding at Disney World
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#11 Buy a place at Golden Oak in Disney World. (Houses start at $2 million)

Buy a place at Golden Oak in Disney World
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#12 Stay in the Cinderella Castle suite. (Only available through a lottery)

Stay in the Cinderella Castle suite
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Which one of these expensive activities will you be checking off your bucket list? Or do you think we missed any activity? Comment on below and let us know!

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