7 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About These Popular Disney Movie Opening Sequences

Coming Up With Opening Sequence For A Movie Can Be Quite Hard.

Haven’t you ever heard the saying? ‘First Impression Is The Last Impression.’ Well, turns out it applies to movies too. I mean if a movie started out boring, we would probably stop watching halfway even thought it might get interesting later.

The opening sequence of a movie can leave a lasting impression so it makes sense that filmmakers would want to spend time on this particular area. To celebrate the handwork of filmmakers we have compiled seven facts of our favorite Disney movie opening sequences that you might not know about.

#1 The Opening Sequence Of Beauty And The Beast Was Finalized Only A Few Months Before The Release Since They Had Already Re-Written It 200 Times. They Ended Up Using A Stained Glass Window.

The Opening Sequence
Via Disney

#2 Buddy Pine Was Going To Be In The Incredibles Intro But Was Cut At The Last Moment Since The Filmmakers Didn’t Want To Give Out Any Spoilers.

Buddy Pine Was Going
Via Disney

#3 Filmmakers Were Going To Use Flashbacks To Tell Nemo’s Origin Story But That Didn’t Pan Out So They Eventually Landed On Showing What Happened To His Family At The Start. 

Filmmakers Were Going To Use Flashbacks
Via Disney

#4 The Intro Song Explaining The Back Story Of Quasimodo Was Actually Stephen Shwartz’s Idea Who Wrote The Music Of The Movie.

The Intro Song Explaining The Back Story Of Quasimodo
Via Disney

#5 Shan Yu’s Army Was Originally Going To Be Shown At The Start Of The Movie But They Opted To Show It later For A More Dramatic Effect.

Shan Yu's Army Was Originally Going To Be Shown
Via Disney

#6 The Lion King Was Going To Start With Dialogue Originally But The Loved The Song ‘Circle Of Life’ So Much. They Opted To use The Song Instead.

The Lion King
Via Disney

#7 The Intro To The Movie Tarzan Took At least Three Years Since They Couldn’t Decide On One Intro

The Intro To The Movie Tarzan Took At least Three Years
Via Disney

Which one of these surprised you?

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