This Lingerie Brand Re-imagined Famous Disney Princesses With Curvier Bodies

Disney Princesses Have Been Re-Imagined Hundreds Of Times By Now. 

I mean we are already aware as to how these characters will look if they were real people. Some people however, wanted to keep the cartoon aesthetic and make them as close to reality as possible.

Now what is the thing that stands out as most in-human like? While, yes you could say their big eyes, perfect hair. Today however, we will talk about Disney Princesses legendarily thin waists. So a lingerie brand set out to rectify that.

They gave the Disney Princesses realistic body proportions while adorning them in their own product. The result is quite awesome to say the least. The pictures are from the recent blog post titled “If Disney Princesses Were Curvy Kate Girls.”

#1 Belle.

Via Curvy Kate

Little Miss Belle is now sporting a fuller, more curvaceous figure, and we think she looks awesome.

Curvy Kate

#2 Pocahontas.

Via Curvy Kate

Here is the gorgeous Pocahontas rocking out in Curvy Kate’s best-selling Luxe strapless and showing the world that you can look slamming at any shape or size.

Curvy Kate

#3 Tiana.

Via Curvy Kate

#4 Ariel.

Via Curvy Kate

#5 Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty
Via Curvy Kate

We’ve made some of the princesses taller, some shorter, some are larger and some are slim. They’ve also got lumps, bumps, freckles, scars, tattoos and cellulite, all things that society would consider the ‘norm,’ yet the media doesn’t always portray this.


#6 Snow White With Some Rocking Hair.

Snow White With Some Rocking Hair
Via Curvy Kate

#7 Jasmine With A Full Inked Sleeve.

Jasmine With A Full Inked Sleeve
Via Curvy Kate

We’re not glorifying any particular body type; we think that more women should feel represented in some way, and hopefully this is a step closer to that goal.

We’re aware that they are only cartoons, but the media and films still aren’t showing variety; they are showing only a small proportion of body types and we thought it would be fun to challenge that idea.


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