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Hunting for the Next K-Pop Sensation: Hybe’s Search for a Girl Group on Netflix

Hybe Hunt A New Global K-Pop Girl Group For Netflix Docuseries

In the ever-evolving world of K-pop, the powerhouse behind BTS, Hybe Corporation, is embarking on an exciting quest for the next big girl group sensation. This exhilarating journey to create a new girl group is no secret; it’s all set to be documented in a forthcoming Netflix music docuseries.

Hybe and Geffen’s Global Girl Group Quest: Netflix Documentary 2024

Hybe partnered with Universal Music’s Geffen Records in 2021 to create a new U.S. girl group. This collaboration, known as the Hybe x Geffen Global Girl Group Audition, garnered over 120,000 submissions from aspiring young women worldwide.

Source: Hybe x Geffen Records

The extensive selection process has now distilled the pool to a formidable group of 20 contestants, all vying for a spot in the group. Netflix is set to turn this extensive journey into an upcoming documentary series scheduled for release in 2024.

Hybe, Netflix, and Interscope Collaborate for K-Pop Global Girl Group Docuseries

Source: Netflix

Netflix is turning Hybe’s journey into a documentary series directed by Nadia Hallgren, known for her work on Michelle Obama’s “Becoming.” With major backing from Interscope Films and Pepsi, this project aims to revolutionize the music industry.

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