A Goofy Mascot From Disney World Revealed Surprising Secrets Working As A Mascot

Seems like Disney mascots hold all the secrets.

While you may not get as excited seeing an adult dressed in a giant costume (Unless you are furry.) Kids however are ecstatic when they see their favorite character come to life.  Probably because they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

#1 Sweaty costume.

Sweaty costume
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#2 Disney furries.

Disney furries
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#3 Memory lane.

Memory lane
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#4 In character parents.

In character parents
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#5 The ‘cool’ princesses.

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#6 Prized possession. 

Prized possession
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#7 Queen of hearts tantrum.

Queen of hearts tantrum
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#8 The mickey lane.

The mickey lane
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#9 The special kid.

The special kid
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#10 Jerk Donald duck.

Jerk Donald duck
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#11 Choking picture.

Choking picture
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#12 ‘A Goofy Movie’.

A Goofy Movie
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#13 Pixie dust fart.

Pixie dust fart
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#14 Double fired.

Double fired
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Was that just as surprising for you as it was for us? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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