Disney Women With Realistic Face Proportions Will Have You Screaming For A Remake

Disney characters aren’t drawn with realistic proportions.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone, they’re multi-billion dollar organisations and they’ve got this stuff down to a science. Their characters generally have larger eyes, smaller chins, and wider faces, giving them a cartoony look.

But it’s obviously necessary, it helps with the story! But maybe they’re missing out. It’s not just marketed towards kids anymore, countless teenagers and adults love Disney movies and are climbing over each other to watch the next one.

The Nameless Doll is a Tumblr user that has gone to great lengths to take our beloved Disney females and give them realistic proportions. Once you see her work, you’ll want another remake.

Source: Tumblr

#1 Anna 


#2 Cass 


#3 Elsa 


#4 Gothel 


#5 Honey Lemon 

Honey Lemon

#6 Collette 


#7 Merida


#8 Rapunzel 


#9 Bonus: Elsa

Bonus Elsa

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