5+ Disney Princesses Drawn To Spread Awareness About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivors are the true warriors. 

This particular subject hits quite close to home and I am elated that people are trying to spread awareness about Breast Cancer through everyones beloved Disney Princesses.

It is especially hard for a woman to love and accept her body after a single or double mastectomy.

So that why an amazing artist AleXsandro Palombo’s has used these Princesses to encourage woman to love their bodies no matter what.

#1 Tiana. 

Via Alexsandro Palombo

#2 Cinderella. 

Via Alexsandro Palombo

#3 Ariel. 

Via Alexsandro Palombo

#4 Aurora. 

Via Alexsandro Palombo

#5 Snow White. 

Snow White
Via Alexsandro Palombo

#6 Jasmine. 

Via Alexsandro Palombo

His message is one of “hope and courage” and he reminds all the woman that their bodies are unique and special.

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