8 Of Our Favorite Disney Princesses As Manatees

Manatees and Disney Princesses, what more can anyone ask for?

Who doesn’t love manatees? They’re adorable creatures. One of my favorite animals, I’d say. And you know what else is adorable? Disney princesses.

Artist Isaiah Stephen on Pinterest reimagined Disney princesses as manatees, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. Scroll down below!

Source: Instagram  | Pinterest

#1 Belle.


Let’s hope she doesn’t eat that.

#2 Mulan


She even has makeup on!

#3 Aurora.


She looks so calm.

#4 Ariel


Look at her, she loves the water!

#5 Snow White

Snow White

Friends with birds.

#6 Elsa


Manatee Elsa won’t be a really big fan of the cold, though.

#7 Pocahontas


Manatee Pocahontas goes to fight the war!

#8 Cinderella


A manatee in a ball gown?!

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