If Disney Characters Had The Ability To Text Each Other, What Would They Say?

You might have wondered if texting was a thing in Disney.

I mean, it’d avoid so much confusion if it was possible. Cinderella would have just texted him that she lost her shoe at the party and things would have gone so much more smoothly.

Eugene could have told Rapunzel what really happened and she would never have had to sacrifice her magic hair to be free and happy.

Cosmopolitan writer, Kathleen Kamphausen, created a visualised screen-grab of the messages Disney characters may send each other, if they could.

Source: Cosmopolitan | Kathleen Kamphausen

#1 Aurora


#2 Beast


#3 Belle


#4 Prince Charming

Prince Charming

#5 Elsa


#6 Eric


#7 Jasmine


#8 John Smith

John Smith

#9 Simba


#10 Lady And The Tramp

Lady And The Tramp

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