Someone Accurately Depicted Their College Experience Using Disney GIFs & It Hits Too Close To Home

Ready to see your life with the Disney goggles?

What are these Disney goggles you ask? Well, Disney gifs of course? Wasn’t that obvious? I mean what s better than someone explaining their college experience through gifs? Literally nothing!

I am also sure any past or present college student will obviously be able to relate with the following gifs. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, we’ll leave that up to you.

#1 ‘First time seeing your very own dorm room.’

own dorm room
Via Imgur

#2 ‘Every time after that.’

Every time after that
Via Imgur

#3 ‘My view of the food hall freshman year.’

My view of the food hall freshman year
Via Imgur

#4 ‘Became this senior year.’

Became this senior year
Via Imgur

#5  ‘My expectation of the sex I would have.’

My expectation of the sex I would have
Via Imgur

#6 ‘The reality.’

The reality
Via Imgur

#7 ‘Freshman finals week compared to.’

Freshman finals week compared to
Via Imgur

#8 ‘Senior finals week.’

Senior finals week
Via Imgur

#9 ‘Expectation of spring break.’

Expectation of spring break
Via Imgur

#10 ‘This is my professor assigning a 15 page paper over spring break.’

my professor assigning
Via Imgur

#11 ‘My actual spring break.’

My actual spring break
Via Imgur

#12 ‘How I viewed seniors my freshman year.’

How I viewed seniors my freshman year
Via Imgur

#13 ‘How I view freshman my senior year.’

How I view freshman my senior year
Via Imgur

#14 ‘Willingness to pay tuition freshman year vs.’

Willingness to pay tuition freshman year vs
Via Imgur

#15 ‘How it felt paying my tuition senior year.’

How it felt paying my tuition senior year
Via Imgur

#16 ‘How i felt doing “group” assignments.’

Via Imgur

#17 ‘How I saw my academic advisor going over my degree plan.’

my degree plan
Via Imgur

#18 ‘How I expected graduating to feel.’

How I expected graduating to feel
Via Imgur

#19 ‘How I actually felt after graduation.’

How I actually felt after graduation
Via Imgur

#20 ‘Carry on college kids, carry on.’

Carry on college kids, carry on
Via Imgur

Were you able to relate with any of these? Because I sure could. Comment on below and tell what this college student got wrong and how your college life different that what is depicted in the gifs?

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