All The Classic Disney Shows Are Coming To Disney Now So You Can Live Good Old Childhood Once Again

Who Is Ready To Sate Their Nostalgia?

I mean who doesn’t want to watch Thats So Raven again and go back to those innocent days. We are all aware of the new app DisneyNOW that Disney is launching and we are waiting with bated breath.

Well, turns out this app will also include old Disney shows. So yes we will be able to watch Disney channel’s original TV shows and movies on the go. What can be better than that? We have compiled a list of all the throwback shows coming to the app.

#1 The Greatest Show From The Early 2000, Lizzy Mcguire Is Going To Be Streaming On The App. 

The Greatest Show From The Early 2000

#2 I Mean Who Doesn’t Want To Watch Thats So Raven Again? Can’t You Just Envision It?

I Mean Who Doesn't Want To Watch

#3 We Will Feel Right At Home With The Proud Family

We Will Feel Right At Home With

#4 Who Is Ready To Add Some Much Needed Magic In Their Life With Wizards Of Waverly Place?

#5 Last But Not The Least, We Will Also Be Getting The Little Mermaids Animated Series. 

Last But Not The Least, We Will Also Be Getting

Which one of these shows are you most excited about? Have you seen these shows before or will this be your first time viewing? If so comment on below and let us know.

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