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10 Quotes From Bob’s Burgers That Show Aunt Gayle’s Love For Cats

Posted on: 15 Apr 2020

Are you a crazy cat lady? Being a crazy cat lady definitely isn’t an insult. We’re all crazy cat ladies from the inside. I love cats. If I had the option to adopt every cat in sight, I would. They are better friends than humans. If you own one, you would know that I’m right. …

This Is What Ariel Would Look Like If She Lived In Different Ocean Environments

Posted on: 19 Mar 2020

We all know and love The Little Mermaid, Ariel. She is that adorable princess with red hair that we have been adoring since childhood. Ariel lives in Atlantica, a city that is home to merpeople in the Atlantic. This is what Ariel looks like: However, what if Ariel wasn’t from the Atlantic? What would she …

People Are Imagining The New Pokemon Sword And Shield Games As Scottish And Its Hilarious

Posted on: 03 Mar 2019

Pokemon is our childhood. That is why everyone is hyped about the new Pokemon Sword and Sheild games. But guess what? The game has been rooted in the UK. This gave people the opportunity to imagine the game as Scottish. Just imagine the dialogue in Scottish accent and slang – hilarious! They even included Queen Elizabeth …

“The Haunting Of Hill House” Season 2 Is On Its Way And We Cant Wait

Posted on: 03 Mar 2019

 YIKES! The Haunting Of Hill House has been the word of mouth in the TV series universe lately. Stephen King, the brilliant man himself had something to say about it too, yes, you heard it right! Here’s what the world-renowned author of the genre had to say about it. THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, revised …

This New Pixar Short “KitBull” Will Make You Cry Like A Baby

Posted on: 21 Feb 2019

Pixar is at it again! Pixar always has something beautiful in store for us, and this time is definitely no exception! Kitbull, from the Pixar’s SparkShorts program. Produced by Kathryn Hendrickson and Directed by Rosana Sullivan, this beautiful, heart trembling story features the rare friendship between an abused Pitbull and a stray kitten.  The sad …

Artist Revamped Famous Disney Princesses Into Brave Pirates

Posted on: 26 Nov 2018

Disney – almost everyone’s childhood. Most of us grew up singing along to Disney soundtracks, dressed up as Cinderella, holding our wands and pretending to be princesses. Disney made us explore our imaginations and believe that there is a bit of magic in all of us. There have been a lot of re-imaginations regarding Disney …

Chinese Illustrator Transforms Avengers Into Anime Waifu And Results Are Brilliant

Posted on: 23 Aug 2018

The Avengers, formed into Anime Waifu, what more could you possibly ask for?! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of The Marvel Cinematic Universe release in Taiwan, a Chinese illustrator decided to shape Avenger characters as Anime waifu. It probably sounds weird to you right now, but trust me, it’ll be the most awesome thing …

10+ Secrets About Getting Married At Disney

Posted on: 24 Feb 2018

We’ve probably seen a lot of lavish weddings but have you seen people getting married at Disney? I’m sure that’s every girl’s dream including mine, of course, because that would be so magical! During Cosmo Happy Hour podcast this week, host Elisa Benson spoke to Cosmopolitan. They discussed brides who got married at Disney and …

Here Are Some Amazing Disney Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

Posted on: 24 Feb 2018

There’s good news for Disney fans who can’t wait until November for Pixar’s Coco! Everybody uses Instagram, of course, and probably all Disney fans are following Disney’s official account to get new updates and check out the behind the scenes content that they post. However, Disney employees are known for sharing their impressive work with …

Women Shared Their Photos On Instagram and Disney Needs To Check Them Out!

Posted on: 21 Feb 2018

Disney’s inclination to identify their actresses/princesses as straight size, really disappointed Amy Wooldridge and Michelle Elman. Amy happens to be a 27 year old body-positive advocate from Chelmsford, England, (aka @amyeloisew). Michelle Elman is 24 years old, and she’s a body-confidence coach from London, England, (aka @ScarredNotScared). However, they decided to dress up as their favorite …