Artist Revamped Disney Movies Rated R And It Would Just Ruin Your Childhood

What if Disney wasn’t family-friendly?

While it is true that Disney is safe haven for many since you will never see horrible gore in our favorite movies. However, what if it was R-rated? Well, kids would probably not be allowed to watch it.

Other than that, it would be quite interesting no? Well, Paul Westover brings us the r-rated version of Disney that fans have been clamoring for. What do you mean no one has asked for it?

#1 How is Aladdin speaking with a zipped up mouth?

Via College Humor

#2 Quick someone bring me some bleach for my eyes!

Quick someone bring me some bleach for my eyes
Via College Humor

#3 At least the name makes sense now.

At least the name makes sense now
Via College Humor

#4 Don’t worry, you get used to it after a while.

you get used to it after a while
Via College Humor

#5 Yup, Makes sense.

Yup, Makes sense
Via College Humor

#6 I’d rather not think about this.

I'd rather not think about this
Via College Humor

#7 Who actually tells someone they’re masturbating?

College Humor
Via College Humor

Do you want  a r-rated Disney movie? Or do you like them as they are? Comment on below and let us know.

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