This Artist Genderbent Disney Villains And Results Are As Badass As You Expected

Most people like villains more than the actual hero.

Why? Probably because they usually have much more interesting stories. Now I know not everyone will agree with me on this. But who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with villains like Maleficent or Evil Queen?

So it’s no surprise that changing their gender doesn’t really effect them that much.

#1 Captain Hook – Peter Pan.

Captain Hook
Via Alias-Hugo

#2 Fidget the bat – Basil the Great Mouse Detective.

Fidget the bat
Via Alias-Hugo

#3 Gaston – Beauty and the Beast.

Via Alias-Hugo

#4 Hades – Hercules.

Via Alias-Hugo

#5 Jafar – Aladdin. 

Via Alias-Hugo

#6 Lago – Aladdin. 

Via Alias-Hugo

#7 Oogie Boogie – The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Oogie Boogie
Via Alias-Hugo

#8 Scar – The Lion King.

Via Alias-Hugo

#9 Wiggins – Pocahontas

Via Alias-Hugo

#10 Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove.

Via Alias-Hugo

Yes, she did retain her gender but she still looks cool as heck.

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