Here’s What Happens When You Face Swap Disney Protagonists With Their Antagonists

Revamping Disney Characters Will Never Get Old!

Over the past couple of years, countless artists, digital animators, and illustrators have reimagined, revamped and redesigned popular Disney Characters to give its fans something new to talk about and to keep them engaged.

Besides, once you’re a fan of a specific character you are always interested in seeing anything even slightly related to it, let alone revamped digital or fan-made art. Just like that today we bring you something similar but also very funny.

Previously, we saw how artists came up with 3D versions of our favourite Disney Characters and how they put Disney Characters on 1940’s mystery novel covers.  However, this time around a Twitter user @80skillerqueen swapped the face of Disney protagonist with their antagonists.  And believe me when I say that the results are hilarious. Scroll down and check them out!

Is it just me or is face-swapping working good for Ursula?

This is so on point.

@80skillerqueen has definitely done a good job.

Childhood ruined.

Just leaving this one here…

Will we go to hell for laughing at these?

That is SO not okay…

Oh my god, that is so accurate.

Did you find these protagonist-antagonist face-swaps satisfying, or did we just ruin your childhood? Perhaps someone should use Face App on these characters next and make them look old? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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