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10+ Of The Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time!

Posted on: 20 Jan 2018

Nothing moves a person like a good film. A viewer might be a cinephile/cinemaholic or he/she may be a completely casual moviegoer. But a good film is the one that impresses both of these categories of film-lovers alike. Over the years, with the advent of streaming services like Amazon, the rewatchability of movies has gone …

These Harry Potter Mini Replicas Are To Die For!

Posted on: 20 Jan 2018

Source: DL There are two things in this world that we can all agree on: Harry Potter is the greatest story of all time, and anything that’s miniature is the cutest. Oo Xin Man’s is someone whose creativity all of us need in our lives. She creates little figures out of polymer clay and is …

10+ Disneyworld Memes That Are Sure To Make Your Day Better!

Posted on: 19 Jan 2018

Disneyworld is full of magic! And we’re not saying that off-handedly. Once you’re in, the dreamland sucks you in like a whirlpool of fun, colors, celebration and overall a good time. To top the cake with a cherry, kind people of the internet come out with memes that will make you roll on the floor …

10+ Creepy Illustrations Show How Disney Characters Would Live in Modern Times!

Posted on: 19 Jan 2018

Disney animated movies and cartoons have been integral parts of our lives. We have grown up with them the same way we grow up with our friends. We have identified with their sorrows, their happiness as well as the magical worlds they inhabit. There’s a charm in the way these characters function and spend their …

Artist Turns Disney Princesses Into Jedi Warriors And They’re Fierce As Hell!

Posted on: 18 Jan 2018

Being a Disney Princess is a lot of work! Not only does a Princess has to save the world (well, most of the times) but she also has to look good while doing it. Maybe that’s the reason why kind people of the internet have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the Princesses …

10+ Of The Most Misunderstood Movie Villains Of All Time!

Posted on: 17 Jan 2018

Source: AZ They say a movie is as good as the characters in it. But what’s also true is that what elevates a movie is not just a good hero but also a great villain. The perfect foil makes the eventual victory of the hero/heroine that much sweeter. But come to think of it, many …

Minnie Mouse is Getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Posted on: 16 Jan 2018

Source: MM Next time you’re walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, be sure to catch the name of one of the most beloved leading ladies in gold. Minnie Mouse is finally getting her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame opposite the El Capitan Theatre, just in time to celebrate her 90th …

Disney Animation Through The Ages!

Posted on: 16 Jan 2018

Source: DA Walt Disney was a humble animator before he turned his passion into a full-fledged Hollywood giant. What started as a simple two-dimensional animatic, soon turned into a movie and years later, we are all hopelessly in love with the Disney movies. But all of these have started out as quite simply the product …

Jake Gyllenhaal Could Be The Next Batman! Here’s The Full News!

Posted on: 16 Jan 2018

Source: SR Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and the millions of fans of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader Batman, we may have a heart-breaking news for you all: The days of Batfleck are almost over! According to a new rumor about The Batman, Warner Bros. has offered the lead role to Jake Gyllenhaal’s and …

10+ Things About “FRIENDS” That Make Absolutely No Sense Now That We’re Old!

Posted on: 14 Jan 2018

Source: PD F.R.I.E.N.D.S may have ended in 2004 but it remains an essential part of the time when we all grew up. All of us associated with the rag-tag group of people and the shenanigans they were involved in and many of us (read EVERYONE) secretly had one character that we knew deep-down resembled us. …