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Bio: I am just an ordinary girl with many dreams that I am trying hard to achieve. I am currently a student and working part time. I have been writing since I was 13 years old and it has always been my dream to get my book published someday.

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Artist Illustrates Spongebob Squarepants Characters As Humans & It’s Amazing

Posted on: 13 Oct 2018

In what more ways can Spongebob characters be re-imagined? I mean the characters have already been re-imagined as the hyper-realistic versions of themselves which honestly gave me a nightmare for months. I still shiver when I think about those but don’t worry; we are not going to show you that today. On the contrary, today’s …

10+ Halloween Titles That Netflix Will Release For October

Posted on: 01 Oct 2018

October most certainly will not be boring. Even for those of us who do not like to venture out to costumer parties ore are too old for trick or treat. Because as it turns out Netflix has us covered. This huge streaming service has decided to give us a tiny taste of what’s to come …

Disney Will Never Tell You This About Goofy And Max

Posted on: 27 Sep 2018

No one wants to know about their parent’s bedroom shenanigans. Let’s be honest; we’d rather die than listen to the ‘talk’ that every teen has to go through. I mean do our parents really think they have to teach us all about it when most of us are already aware of everything, why not spare …

This Is How It Would Be Like If Disney Merged With Pokémon

Posted on: 24 Sep 2018

What if the Disney world merged with Pokemon? I mean haven’t you ever wondered what Sully would look like if he evolved? Would he look more menacing or stay the same cuddly and sometimes scary monster? Well, Disney might not answer this question, but artists sure will. I am talking about one particular artist on …

23-Year-Old Cosplayer Transforms Herself Into Famous Characters And She’s Too Good

Posted on: 20 Sep 2018

Cosplaying has become a lost ancient art. These days people tend to buy cheap knockoff costumes like a sexy cat, police or nurse and manage to go with that for their Halloween. However, not all hope is lost yet since cosplayers like Jasmine (Unique Sora) are keeping the art alive. From Nani to Lilo and …

Artist Put Famous Horror Villains Into Disney Movies And The Results Are Iconic

Posted on: 17 Sep 2018

What if Sleeping Beauty never woke up? What if she died in her sleep because Freddy Krueger killed her in her sleep? These are the questions that keep me up at night but we won’t know the answer to that until Disney decided to merge these two movies to make something new and exciting. After …

Artist Brilliantly Illustrates The Evolution Of Famous Pop Culture Icons

Posted on: 16 Sep 2018

Change is inevitable. People evolve with time and become better most of the time. And that s exactly what happened with the following characters except in some of the following instances. The person behind these amazing works of art is Jeff Victor from Los Angeles. And he clearly knew what he was doing since he couldn’t …

These Gaston Remixes By Twitter Users Are Much Better Than The Original

Posted on: 12 Sep 2018

Who knew Gaston was such a hit on Twitter? Well, I sure didn’t know that even though I spend most of my time on Twitter. But as it turns out, Twitter users love remixing his ‘hit’ song and making it much more hilarious. And if I am honest, the following remixes fit him much better …

10+ Tumblr Things That Only Marvel Fans Can Understand

Posted on: 10 Sep 2018

I do miss the time before Infinity war. Because (Spoiler Alert) Everyone was alive back then and we were happy as an audience. However, Marvel ruined it for us with their last movie. And they might have said that every death is permanent in this movie. I sure hope that it is not true because …

10+ Deleted Disney Scenes That Would Have Changed The Feel Of These Whole Movies

Posted on: 30 Aug 2018

What if? That is the question many of us are always thinking about. What if I had never written this. What if Elsa was evil? What if Disney never existed? Well, we have some of the answers for you, particularly to the second question. I am sure you know by now that the script for …